Selling The Business Opportunity


>When you get the Reseller / Business Opportunity kit you can resell the opportunity and make $400 profit on every $497 sale after your second order. Your first order passes to the person that got you started. You also make $400 on the first sale made by everyone you start in the business.

1. Website Sells the Business Opportunity
2. Linked To Your Paypal for Purchases
3. Make $400 on Every Business Sold
4. $400 on First Sale By People You start
5. Up to $800 Profit on Each Business Sold
6. Your Own Domain Name Brands You
7. Voicemail Box for Complete Automation
8. Voicemail message sends buyers to you
9. Use RVM Drop Wholesale Rate to Market

Sample Audio Message for Voicemail box and ringless voicemail drops.


With Your Contact Information

Sends buyers to your website or voicemail box message or direct to you. Your choice..


Ringless Voicemail Platform

Your own platform allows you to upload your own audio messages, phone number lists and send your Ringless Voicemail Drop campaigns. Provides complete reporting on all RVM Drops.

Allows you to purchase Ringless Voicemail Drops at Wholesale Rates

Allows you to create Ringless Voicemail Drop campaigns. Start , Stop, Send at any time.